Ed Piersons is a notorious serial killer who took the lives of  [redacted]  individuals and is linked to hundreds, possibly thousands of murders in the year of [redacted] alone. He has yet to be captured by the police and is assumed to still be killing ruthlessly. The range of his victims and methods of killing know no bounds, targeting people of all races, genders, and ages all over the country.

Piersons is no stranger to destroying hope. Before killing his victims, Piersons is known to harass them ceaselessly until death by his hands becomes their only relief. He will find ways to covertly emotionally abuse his victims and, in the worst cases, he will attack the things his victims care about until they have little or nothing to feel optimistic about. Piersons has even been linked with the tormenting of some individuals. He is known to isolate his victims in the confines of their own living spaces so they cannot alert anyone to what is happening. If you suspect you may be in danger, call 1-800-273-8255 and help stop these terrible crimes.

Only image of Ed Piersons believed to exist.

Only image of Ed Piersons believed to exist.


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